5 Reasons to Choose Sustainium - a US-based GHG Accounting, GHG Reporting, GHG Performance, and as an overall GHG Management tool

GHG Accounting

Sustainium has been developed by a collaboration of leading subject-matter experts and the best engineers with a focus on it to be more practical use for organizations in the United States. It can also be utilized by any organization across the globe, where they can choose appropriate conversion factors from International, National, Product and Sector-specific databases such as, but not limited to the US EPA, UK DEFRA, IPCC etc.

Organizations also have the flexibility to use facility-specific custom data conversion factors to account for GHGs more accurately and with a lower uncertainty rate increasing the confidence rate among the intended users of the GHG reports. These are some of the many features of Sustainium.

Using Sustainium can offer a range of distinct advantages:

1. Compliance Assurance:

One of the primary benefits of utilizing Sustainium, be it in the US or any part of the world, is being assured of its compliance with international reporting guidelines and standards for GHG quantification, reporting, managing and maintaining the quality of the GHG inventory and evaluating compliance status. Our platform is designed with an intimate understanding of US and other international laws and guidelines, ensuring that organizations can adhere to industry best practices and comply with relevant regulations. This not only saves time and resources but, also mitigates the risk of non-compliance-related unnecessary financial implications.

2. Enhanced Data Security:

Data privacy and security are paramount concerns for businesses globally. By choosing Sustainium, we ensure that your sensitive data is stored and managed within your jurisdiction, in full compliance with international data protection standards such as the EU GDPR, and Sustainium's Information and Data Protection Policy. We adhere to strict guidelines to safeguard your data, which alleviates concerns regarding potential data breaches or unauthorized access.

3. Accessible Support and Communication:

Sustainium offers the advantage of convenient and accessible customer support. This facilitates smoother communication channels, enabling your organization to promptly address any queries or issues that may have been encountered while using Sustainium. A quick and responsive support facility comprising Sustainium developers, dedicated software engineers, and cybersecurity experts enhances user experience, demonstrating confidence, assurance and a sense of comfort in using our platform while ensuring seamless integration of the software into your organization's operations.

4. Alignment with US and other industry best business practices:

Sustainium is tailored to align with the specific business practices prevalent within the country. This familiarity with local market approaches, industry-specific norms, and reporting requirements streamlines Sustainium's usability and effectiveness for all international businesses. Customized features and functionalities cater to organisations' unique needs and preferences in specific locations, be it in the US or anywhere in the world, optimizing their GHG management processes.

5. Simplified GHG Reporting:

Utilizing Sustainium, especially in the US, eliminates the complexities associated with currency conversion when you use a spend-based method to account for GHGs for Scope 3 GHG quantification, as transactions and reporting are conducted in the US Dollars. If you do not want to use the spend-based method, you can choose other methods available on the platform. Sustainium simplifies GHG reporting procedures, reduces administrative burden, and minimizes the likelihood of human errors. By streamlining the GHG reporting process, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently towards other sustainability-driven initiatives.

The decision to adopt a US-based Software tool as your GHG tool is strategic especially for organizations in the US, as it is tailored to the specific requirements and objectives of your organization and its businesses locally.

For US-based companies, opting for a domestically developed solution offers numerous advantages, ranging from regulatory compliance and data security to enhanced support and alignment with local business practices. By using Sustainium as your go-to GHG accounting, reporting, performance measurement and management tool, businesses can effectively measure and manage their environmental impact while contributing to national sustainability goals.

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