Easy GHG Accounting

Sustainium provides an intuitive carbon accounting platform that helps businesses to track, measure, and report their Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3 GHG emissions.



Accurately track your greenhouse gas emissions from all sources to gain a clear picture of your environmental impact.


Implement effective and proactive strategies to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your sustainability efforts.


Generate comprehensive and compliant reports to transparently communicate your emissions data and progress to stakeholders.

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Intelligent Carbon Accounting with Complete GHG Protocol Guidance

Measure your company's GHG emissions using a spend-based, activity-based, or hybrid carbon accounting method.

  • Automated Data Import
  • Monthly Data Entry
  • Support Various EFDBs
  • Supplier Surveys

Reduce Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint isn't just about sustainability - it's a smart business move.

Streamline your Stream

Identify cost-saving opportunities and streamline your operations with insights from our software, boosting your bottom line while benefiting the planet.

Optimize Efficiency

Leverage our advanced analytics to identify inefficiencies and optimize resource use, leading to a smaller environmental impact and greater operational efficiency.


The best solution to your net zero journey

Embark on your net zero journey with confidence using our comprehensive solution. Tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, our tools help you achieve sustainability goals, ensure regulatory compliance, and drive cost savings.


"Stay ahead of evolving environmental regulations and report your sustainability achievments to stakeholders, investors and the wider community."


Stay focused on your business.

You have a business to run. Stop worrying about data collection, choosing appropriate emission factors, and customizing reports. We have in-house expertise to do this for you.